A Sonnet After Chopin’s Requiem

See what sound feels like

Treative Directors Kevin Lau and Jonah Hall, were called on by Motionpoems ( to create compelling visuals for an original poem by Poet Monique Adelle. Featuring voice-over by Ashley Becerra, the piece merges alluring colors of gold, white, silver and black to create unique and mesmerizing shapes moving in synchronized motion. 

“Timber has been such a solid partner to me in commercial production so I was thrilled when they agreed to do a Motion Poem,” said Carolyn Casey, Executive Producer at Motionpoems. “The show would not have been the same without their mesmerizing, beautifully crafted film. And as expected, the production process with Timber was effortless.”

Monique Adelle’s poem “A Sonnet After Chopin’s Requiem” is part of Motionpoems’ powerful seventh season of films, produced in partnership with Cave Canem ( exploring the theme of “How Do You Raise a Black Child?” The series made its debut at the prestigious Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in Fall 2016; and just had its Los Angeles screening at the Playa Studios last month in January 2017.


Co-Founder, Executive and Artistic Director: Todd Boss
Executive Producer: Carolyn Casey
Communications Director: Saara Myrene Raappana 
Executive Producer: Eric Fawcett (Egg Music)

Audio Postproduction Company: Lime
Mixer: Dave Wagg
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Voice-Over by: Ashley Becerra


oduction/Design/Animation Company: Timber  
Directors: Jonah Hall, Kevin Lau
Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
Producer: Megan Kennedy 
Art Director/Lead Artist: Jon Lorenz

Designers: Kevin Lau, Jon Lorenz, Gabriel Valente Ferrão, Sean Starkweather
CG Lead: Casey Benn   
Animation/VFX Artists: Jonah Hall, Henry Foster, Casey Benn, Gabriel Valente Ferrão, Jeff Willette, Brad Hayes, Ian Ross, Jon Lorenz, Lyz Holder, Alireza Bidar, Andrew Schreiber, Giancarlo Rondani   
Compositors: Jon Lorenz, Michael Loney, Jason Forster, Giancarlo Rondani, Geronimo Morales, Eric Almeras