A strike is a strike

Great fun working with the team at Leo Burnett and Believe Media. Stadiums, crowds, cars, animation and design; just the way we like it! We are very proud of our execution of this first GMC commercial of an exciting campaign.

This GMC ad features San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt and shows how the precision and accuracy of baseball relates to their own automobile line. Not every pitcher can throw a 95 MPH fastball under the lights of AT&T Park and not every auto maker can create the professional performance of a GMC.

Precision can be the difference between winning and losing, or that element that separates ordinary from a cut above. GMC today unveiled “Precision,” an advertising campaign promoting the brand’s relentless attention to detail, a foundational value for the brand.

The multimedia campaign is part of a major investment by GMC this year that showcases GMC’s full line of premium trucks, SUVs and crossovers, including its popular Denali sub-brand. The entire GMC showroom is featured in the campaign for the first time since the 2000 launch of tagline “GMC: We Are Professional Grade.” The ads represent a broader, contemporary interpretation of the longstanding GMC positioning.


Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau – Creative Director’s
Executive Producer: Chris Webb
Producer: Lauren Loftus
Lead Flame Artist: Chris DeCristo
Additional Flame: Dave Stern
Flame Assist: Jason Giamara
Digital Effects Supervisor: Nick Hiegel
Nuke Artists: Julie Jang, Krystal Chinn, Hilery Johnson, Dylan Holden, Jerry Hall, Rachel Dunn, Patrick Longstreth

Online & VFX: Timber
Creative Director’s / Partners – Kevin Lau & Jonah Hall
Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
Producer: James Howell
Flame Artist: Brian Schnieder
Flame Artist: Mark Loso
Flame Assist: Brandon Harden