Park Expansion

The largest expansion in Disney history

To create a world in which our interactive game could come to life, we reconstructed, brick by brick, an utterly exact digital version of the park. Then we created a delightful digital/physical adventure that allowed parents to recover the precious symbols of youth together with their kids and reveal the land to the world. Authenticity required months of consultation with Disney Imagineering. Dozens of walkthroughs. Tens of thousands of photographs. And more than a few teary evenings of Disney movie-watching.

As the environments took shape, it was time to geek out on the details and hidden visual backstory in the uber-detailed scenes. Keep an eye out for the replica stained glass from the Beauty & the Beast film, Belle’s actual book from her village, a searching Prince Eric, an exact replica of Casey Jr’s Dumbo train, and plenty of hidden Mickeys.


Post Production: Mirada
President: John Fragomeni
Creative Director: Kevin Lau
Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent
Post Producer: Pete Nelson
Production Manager/HR Director: Tina Van Delden
VFX Supervisor: Danny Zoberist
Flame Lead – Chris DeCristo
Designers: Jaguar Lee
CG: Edwin Chiu, Tadao M, Kevin Ferrara, Keith Stevens, Chris Nolan, Margaret Dost, Pota Tseng, Ferando Z, Stuart Scanlon, Kenny Jackson, Kyung Park
Matte Painting: Rei Sparks, Marcos Shih, Niall Booker
Composit: Rachel, Dunn, Mark Robben, Julie Jeng, Daniel Raschko , Chris Simmons,