Console Launch

How U will play next

We got to create this amazing matrix of different living rooms each one showing a different method of how you can play games on the innovative wii u console by Nintendo. To achieve this we created a three by three grid of practical living rooms each styled with a different look and flew our camera from one to the other. Later in posted we extended our wall of rooms out into a massive wii u complex representing the depth of the u-niverse!


Production Company: MTh
Post Production: Mirada
Director: Mark Kudsi
Creative Director: Kevin Lau
VFX Supervisor: Giancarlo Lari
Executive Producer: Patrick Nugent
Producer: Jamie Kitches
Agency: Leo Bernett
Agency Creative Director: Dominic Maiolo
Agency Art Director: McKay Hathaway
Agency Writer: Travis Meidell
Agency Producer: Brian Behling