Enjoy Coke

Life is better when you share a coke

As augmented reality becomes more of a transformational technology for the marketing industry, more brands are adopting it in various ways. Coca-Cola decided to invite viewers into its immersive AR plunge through its app in collaboration with Ogilvy Mexico and VFX house Timber.

Santa Monica-based Timber worked with Ogilvy to create 3D elements needed for the interactive AR experience where users are able to point their phone’s camera at a can of Coke and witness one of 12 stories come to life. The stories each revolve around a minor conflict, where animated characters engage in a lighthearted exchange leading to an outcome that becomes more favorable by sharing a Coke.

From the environments to the characters and overall animation, Timber took the lead in creating a captivating world that elevated the consumer experience beyond the beverage, with opportunities to interact with products while entertaining users both young and old.

“This project was a perfect implementation for AR,” said Kevin Lau, creative directors and partner at Timber. “People working together in harmony was always the core foundation of the idea. Coke has always been great at associating their brand with happiness and harmony. The concept grew out of this. The nature of AR allowed the viewer to bring these stories into their environment using the practical can of Coke as a prop and become the backdrop for each of these scenarios to play out.”


Production/VFX/Postproduction Company: Timber
Creative Directors/Partners: Kevin Lau/Jonah Hall
Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
Head of Production: Melody Alexander
Sr. Producer: Emily Avoujageli
Creative Director: Jon Lorenz
Flame Assistants: Brack Hightchew, Alice Cen & Sarah Vigil-Bass
Animators: Izzy Holder & Anthea Kerou
Rigger: Kiel Figgins
CG: Brandon Lester
Character Design: Ashley Becerra


Agency: Ogilvy Mexico
Music/Sound Design Company: MassiveMusic
Production Company: The Lift
Founder & MD: Avelino Rodriguez
Bidder: Marianela Chavez
Executive Producer: María José De Diego with Imaginarias